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In this modern society most of us are conditioned to depend on others for their financial needs. This is not a natural process and therefore breeds into us fear, insecurity and lowering our level of faith. Due to this structured and unconsciously imposed conditioning of society’s mindset, people are facing too many difficulties in their life.

Here are some hints, if you are also a victim of this self-sabotage & fatal mindset;

⚠️ You hate your job but continuing it just for the sake of monthly salary check.

⚠️ You are compromising your standards to secure your job.

⚠️ You continuously discussed when you will get pension benefits.

⚠️ You are delaying your passion because you are not permitted to do so.

⚠️ You are sacrificing family time and obeying a schedule which you are not willing to obey.

If you found any of the above-mentioned statements true, this is a clear warning for you to escape from this race as soon as possible.

I have some suggestions for you which I found helpful in my life, when I escaped from this rat-race.

✅ Explore your God-Gifted Qualities. These are your powers which you have blessed by Allah SWT. Use them in your favour.

✅ Analyze your relationships & set your standards for them including your relationship with yourself.

✅ Find a successful person and follow his path because success leaves track and if you can contact him, ask him for mentorship.

✅ Invest in yourself. This is the best investment which has highest ROI ever.

✅ Believe in ALLAH SWT and make a sincere Dua (prayer) to get what you want.

What are your fears that are blocking you to live life on your terms?

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Mindset Transformation Coach

Muhammad Ahmed Raza