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This is a motivational short book (now article) about the problems we faced in daily routine. It helps my students a lot. Hope you also find it beneficial.

Where to start? How to start?

All products we use today, was just an imagination before. They became reality because thinkers believed that it will be done. Many times you were planned to launched new ideas, but unable to implement, because of;

  • Improper planning
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Fear to take initiative
  • No co-operative
  • Less knowledge

Due to points/problems listed above mostly in result you changed your mind by saying “it will not work”, “impossible for me”, “I can’t done” bla bla …
If you read above portion of this article again, you will easily judge that these problems are just due to our fears and false believe. If you want to succeed in life you must have to change your beliefs and you must have to overcome your fears.

And Yes! It’s not difficult. You just have to change your way of thinking and responding. After do so, you will definitely start your journey towards destination which leads you to success.

Here are some suggestions to improve you.
Why not discuss above mention problems, in another but optimistic way. Let’s do it…

Improper Planning:

A nice proverb about improper or no planning is: A failure to plan is a plan to fail.

Shows abundance of ideas you are much better than those which are just obeying others. To make it your positive writes down all your ideas with complete available details. Ask some questions to yourself to explore more about your idea. For example;
Why am I thinking about it?
What will be output?
What is inspiration behind the scene? And as much as you can..

Don’t think what shouldn’t write just pour down details of your idea on papers. This will lead you to courage, self-exploration and step nearer to planning.

Always dream big, and then split into small steps, so that you can easily achieve your goals step-wise.

Lack of Confidence:

Lack of confidence is not more than your false thinking. Always believe that “I can do it”. When you start thinking in such way, your mind will automatically generate/explore the ways about “how to do it?”

Impossible says itself: I AM POSSIBLE.

To boost your confidence you have to realize/keep in mind that there is no perfect in universe. All products/professionals could be upgraded. This all happened with continuous learning and practice. Remember! There is no failure in life because fiascos also teach you lessons and experiences. So keep try, learn lessons from yours and others (worst) experiences.

Someone said:” Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”.

Start to Achieve (Overcome your Fears & become Successful in your Life)

Fear to take Initiative:

Beginning usually looked difficult, but journey of thousands miles starts by taking first step.

Each step you move brings destination and success nearer to you.

Think forward, move forward.

Be confident in your abilities, take initiatives, otherwise ideas will no longer beneficial for you.

Lack of co-operatives:

While taking initiatives, you may have to face problems due to lack of co-operatives. This may hurt sometimes, but here is also a hidden positive.

Explain your idea’s benefits to attract people, so that suitable persons may be selected from them. These people will kept/show interest in idea, if they will be teach/guided about it. So it means you have an opportunity to teach them skills, required for your upcoming team. In this sense these pupils will be more loyal and honest to your idea, because learning a new skill will beneficial for them too.

Less Knowledge:

What to do when you realize that you are at low level of knowledge? This is another positive showing that you are willing to acquire new skills. Start Learn new skills to overcome this fear/problem. Learn always, from everywhere, from any one.

Every word you learnt will pay its value and boost your confidence too.

Let me concluded! There is no negative in your life, you just have to explore opportunities and positives. A habit to find positives in all difficulties will keep your courage, which definitely leads you to success.