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Life Coaching with Muhammad Ahmed Raza

Who Am I?

Muhammad Ahmed Raza

NLP Practitioner & Life Coach

My name is Muhammad Ahmed Raza, I am a Gold Medalist Computer Sciences Graduate, An Entrepreneur & an NLP Practitioner & Certified Life Coach in Pakistan.

In the last decade, I helped dozens of people to grow & prosper. I helped people strengthen their souls with my spiritual coaching. My mindset transformational coaching guided them to achieve more success in life. I believe in the compound success formula.
For Entrepreneurs & Coaches, I helped them get new clients through web designing & SEO.

Life Coaching with Muhammad Ahmed Raza

My Coaching Services

I help people with Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions. Cultivate Your Inner Strength.
For Entrepreneurs & Coaches, Empowered them with Branded Web Designing, & SEO.

Mindset Transformation


Personal development

Goals Setting



Stress Management


Spiritual Coaching

Proven Coaching. Life-Changing Results.

These are not traditional testimonials but We Live, Learn & Grow together.

thumb_03_60_60Dr. Yasir Nazir

Ph.D. Chemistry

“Well prepared, Very much impressive and updated way to convey & convince. I learned self-branding and premium charging from Muhammad Ahmed Raza”

thumb_03_60_60Ahmad Allauddin

UI/UX Developer

“I have been provided guidance for a long time, which helped me in building my character, achieving goals and inspired me to reach heights by setting different examples. As a teacher, a motivator and as a coach I believe he really brought change in me and my personality and I am sure he’s bringing that change in many other people as well.”

thumb_04_60_60Muhammad Sohaib

Graphic Designer

Overall a great experience! I have been over 2 years now when I met Muhammad Ahmed Raza, and I have no complaints. He has been extremely helpful to me during my sessions and listening to what my needs are with whatever I am dealing with.”

thumb_03_60_60Hamza Javed

Gold Medalist CS Graduate

“I know sir Ahmed for almost 5 years but not only as a person but as my teacher, as my guide and as a motivator. His way of teaching and answering to your queries is truly good, I found him as a very humble person he likes to spread knowledge and help others in any way.”

thumb_04_60_60 Ahmed Munir

Cyber Security Consultant

“Positive Knowledge is Power and Positive Character is to Respect. To motivate someone you need to become an example. I personally know Hafiz M Ahmed as a good friend, motivator and mentor, having goodwill and positive character, which inspires many among my circle. His efforts in character building are exceptional due to his eloquent, potent and vigorous style of motivation. I literally get motivated many times by his lectures and especially by his character. A man maintaining a perfect balance between Islamic and Worldly norms, values and teachings.”

thumb_01_60_60Assad Naseem

Business development officer

Sir Muhammad Ahmed Raza is my teacher and motivation. He is enlightening those who failed or give up in studies or in any field.
Every motivational speech of Muhammad Ahmed Raza gives us a moral lesson that don’t give up. If you are not good at one thing, you can try another stuff.

thumb_04_60_60 M Umer Waqas

DHA Officer

I am so lucky to have You as a Coach who inspires me every day to be better than the day before. I hope I can inspire future champions as you have inspired me all these years. You’re awesome!
Your encouragement and constant motivation pushed me to heights I never thought possible. Thank you for inspiring me to be excellent in everything I do.

thumb_01_60_60Tanvir Shahid

Master Trainer

“He does not only understand religious matters very well but also explains technical and complex problems of computer in such a way that everyone can understand them easily. He loves to learn new things anytime and always likes to make others aware of the latest technology as well. Developing websites is his hobby. A versatile teacher and trainer who always remains loyal to his profession.”

thumb_04_60_60 Abdullah Idrees

BioTech Graduate

“Sir is a great teacher and inspiration to many of us. He has been a constant source of positivity to the environment.”

thumb_01_60_60Ali Nawaz

MBBS Student

He is a good listener & has a good sense of humor. He focused on daily routine issues & always used authentic sources (QURAN O HADEES) to overcome the daily life problems. Whenever we get together we have a great time with lots of laughter.

thumb_04_60_60 Qadees Raza

Religious Scholar

“Muhammad Ahmed Raza is one of the genius person, I have in my life. Whenever we talk on conflict, he ever guided me in my favour with his strategic approach. He used to quote modern trends and tools to convince.”

thumb_03_60_60Nauman Hashmi

Business Owner

“Muhammad Ahmed Raza is a very sincere man I have been with him since 2015. He is a nobleman with positive attitude and his aims are very strong, he always supported me in achieving my life goals.


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