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I was working in a small but safe & secure job, where I have job-security, pension scheme, annual increments. It was a dream for some people, but I feel totally unfit there because

❌ I don’t have growth mindset people around me.

❌ I have to obey senseless orders daily.

❌ I have to show excellent result even the ground reality was totally different.

❌ I have to show Yes Sir attitude, because whom I talked to, also have same attitude in front of their seniors.

❌ I have to ask for leaves, and sometimes leaves were not allowed for inappropriate reasons.

❌ I have no rights to object orders given by seniors.

❌ I have to do whatever tasks were given, even sometimes totally irrelevant tasks were given but as my other fellows were doing it to show their working, I must have to start doing too.

❌ I have to be with lazy, and low esteem people who were just spending their time to show their presence for monthly stipend.

I had started my own entrepreneurial journey by starting an IT company but for me, overall It was so annoying and destructive period I was experiencing. My comfort zone was also becoming strong day by day and I was losing my skills and energy which was gifted to all of us from Allah SWT, and its obligatory to utilize them in serving a purposeful life.

I was continuously inducted negative and low standard habits and experiences by fellows. Because of these regular sabotage activities, I started emotional and psychological imbalance in different areas of life. It impacted my business negatively.

And One day I sat alone in my office and started writing all things which came into my mind, all negativity, all mishaps, all bullies I were facing or my fellows were facing, all the BS I can ponder on paper, and I did it.

At that time, ? ???? ? ??? (??????) ?? ????? (???) to secure me from all these harms and fatal things, from all false believes I had, from all toxic relationships and so much more. It was a wonderful moment for me, I got a spark of light in my mind, and ? ??????? ?? ???? ?? ???? ??? ???? ????? & ?????? so that I can handle myself. I searched and contacted with many and found a best one. But things were not happened as I planned, ?? ???????? ??????? with a mishap and also by getting that tension in mind while I was returning home ? ??? ???????? and my shoulder was fractured.

This was the hardest time I have ever seen in my life. More than 1-month complete bed rest was prescribed to me. I was not a man who can sit idle but this time I didn’t have any other choice. I am thankful to Allah SWT who passed that hard time, because I feel myself totally stuck, broken and worthless. My Business reputation was on risk, People were yelling at me and I was on bed.

Can you imagine how hard it was?

Beside all these troubles, ? ??????? ?? ???? ???????? ??????? ?? ??????? ?? ????, even though it was so hard because I was not able to walk and lift my bag at that time, but I joined.

And It was totally mind-changing experience for me. I had learnt so many things which allowed me to transform my mindset, clear my vision, and helped me to explore the new horizons of success. AlhamdoLillah

⚠️ You may feel stuck in life

⚠️ You may find yourself in a rat-race

⚠️ You may find yourself a victim of comfort zone

⚠️You may find yourself having imposter syndrome.

⚠️You may have sacrificed your goals and your identity

But ???????? ??? ???? ?? ???? ?????????? ?? ??????

✅ Decide to Change yourself

✅ Decide to overcome your fears

✅ Decide to escape the rat-race

✅ Decide to Live a Life you want

???????????? ?? ???! ??????

What are the mind barriers that are blocking you to take initiative?

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Mindset Transformation Coach

Muhammad Ahmed Raza