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❗ Do you want to get success in Life?

❗ Do you want to fulfill your wishes?

❗ Do you want to achieve your goals?

❗ Do you want to leave a legacy behind you?

I believe you have a powerful YES in response to all above mentioned queries. But do you really serious in it? The answer to this question is reflecting by your actions. Everybody have wishes and desires in life, but most of the time these wishes never come true because people are not serious about them.

Being a mature person, you know what you sowed in past is what you are reaping today. Almost all successes & achievements currently you have, are basically the results of actions you take in past. Similarly, to reach new heights in your life you need to position yourself for success & execute a proper plan.

We see most people sometimes plan extraordinary but lack in positioning themselves in right place to execute their plans. They see themselves as fake, incompetent and unconfident. They doubt their skills and capacity which lead them to fatal failure. I believe you would not like to be one of them. Actually this is a reflection of their false believes which results in doubt and fear.

To overcome these issues, position yourself for success and not for failure. Focus on positive sides and solutions rather than on barriers and fears only. Believe in yourself that by the grace of Allah Almighty you have uncountable intrinsic properties that will help you to counter the challenges you may face. You just need to have full determination, believe and a pathway to your destination. In one of the Ayat/verse of the Holy Quran, Allah SWT guided us in this way:

فَإِذَا عَزَمْتَ فَتَوَكَّلْ عَلَى اللَّهِ

Once you make up your mind, then place your trust in Allah. (Āl-i-‘Imrān, 3 : 159)

This is how you can overcome your false believes. Placing Trust in Allah SWT make easy your focus on taking actions even society is not supporting you. Placing Trust in Allah SWT make you confident that you are not just another random creature but a master piece which born to win.

? What are your false believes or barriers that are stopping you to reach your full potential?

? Why are you not positioning yourself for success?

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Muslim Mindset Transformation Coach

Muhammad Ahmed Raza